One of the greates contemporary Music producer

Aspro is a creative dutch music producer. Who makes music out of pure love.

He started playing music at schools, street parties and weddings at the age of 12.

One of his highlights was 2004 there he was allowed tot play in the hottest club in Spain. His goals are to make people happy with beautifully composed music.

His music record named “Work“ together with Kenya singer Joy Msanii will be a new high point in his path.


January, 30 1987 Angelo van Spronsen is born in Alkmaar. His father is Dutch and his mother Surinamese, Indonesian


Angelo plays a lot as a deejay at parties from house parties to street parties and school parties. He has also played in music records on nightclubs in the Netherlands.


on vacation. he invited him to play some music records in the nightclub where he worked. this was such a success that Angelo was allowed to come back a week later and so he took the plane from Amsterdam to Girona airport. the rest is history to him.


Aspro was created in 2021 Angelo wanted to further develop his love for music and started making music. to his surprise, his first record was so good that he decided to release it. Angelo contacted a female Kenyan singer and together they made the music record called Work. June 11, 2021 is the release.