Angelo van Spronsen was born on January 30, 1987 in Alkmaar. at the age of 4 Angelo was already making music on a children's keyboard. his parents saw his musical creativity. Angelo started playing music as a deejay at the age of 12. In discotheques and school parties. his highlight was in 2004 where he was allowed to play in the largest Club Tropics in Lloret de Mar in Spain. Angelo decided to stop as a deejay after a few years. Now 2020 he is back on stage as an artist | music producer.

Aspro key Features

who is aspro in short


His Mission

Aspro’s mission is to create opportunities for everyone in the music industry.


His Goals
  1. Aspro his goals are show his music to many people as possible.
  2. Working with new talented artists and giving them a stage.
  3. Being a part of the music industry.
  4. Always enjoy making music for others.


Why Us?

we make music purely out of love and not directly for the money. Royalty revenues are used for improvements and advertising to reach as many new fans as possible.